Bill of Rights for Children and Youth

It is time to take a stand for Santa Clara County Children and Youth!  Kids in Common and the Children's Agenda Vision Council is following the lead of the Peninsula Partnership Leadership Council of San Mateo County and promoting the Bill of Rights for Children and Youth.

Leaders and citizens of Santa Clara County who believe children and youth have fundamental rights can now go on record by adopting this Bill of Rights.  As a public agreement, adoption of the Bill of Rights for Children and Youth is a first step to ensuring that leaders are keeping the needs of children and youth in the forefront when decisions are being made regarding policies, budgets and government practices.  Here in Santa Clara County, the Bill of Rights will be anchored by the Children's Agenda, an explicit set of goals and methods for measuring the well-being of our children.

We Need Your Help:
We are working to get as many adopters -  individuals, cities, school districts, non-profit organizations and businesses - to sign on to the Bill of Rights.  You can help us by:

  1. Signing the Bill of Rights yourself and sending it to Kids in Common, 1605 The Alameda, San Jose CA 95126 or faxing it to 408-882-0909.
  2. Have your organization (your nonprofit, your business, your service clubs) endorse the Bill of Rights and send to address above.
  3. Contact your city council or school board and ask them to endorse the Bill of Rights. Contact Dana Bunnett at for more information.

At all times, but especially during times of political change and upheaval, a Bill of Rights helps our community stay focused on children and youth as a priority.  Help us make this a reality for children and youth in Santa Clara County.Attend your city council or school board meeting to support the passage of the Bill of Rights.

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