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Recycling in the Classroom

About Us

We are:

  • Santa Clara County’s only comprehensive child advocacy organization focused on children’s issues and policies.

  • Partner-based, counting organizations and individuals as public policy partners.

  • Focused on advocacy at the local level, informing local decision makers about best practices, policies, and investments that will improve children’s lives.

  • Willing to speak out about public policy, budget allocations, and systems issues.

  • Able to assist our partners with their own advocacy efforts.

  • Able to leverage our partners’ expertise to educate lawmakers, community leaders, decision makers, and funders for the betterment of children and their families.

Beliefs and Goals

Since so many factors affect the overall health and wellbeing of children, KIC takes a holistic view with a focus on four major spheres of influence: communities, government and education systems, families and selves.

Our goal for children and youth is: Every Child Safe, Healthy, Successful in Learning, Successful in Life.

To accomplish this goal, we base our recommendations, policy decisions and action plans on data and believe collaboration with community based organizations, governmental agencies and financial supporters is essential to answer the call of children in need.

Our Guiding Principles:

Partnership – building strategic alliances with other organizations, both within and outside the health and human services arena

  • Collaboration –working in concert with and valuing the success of member organizations, interested parties and other related groups
  • Independence – pursuing those issues and strategies that represent and support the best interests of children and their families in our community

  • Integrity – guided by what is best for children in our community, reliable in every commitment made, authentic in word and deed

  • Diversity – respecting, understanding, and integrating a wide range of perspectives, people and ideas

  • Non-Partisan – being free from political party affiliation

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