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Taking Bold Steps for Children in Santa Clara County

On Thursday, January 31st, Kids in Common hosted the 2008 Santa Clara County Children’s Summit. The summit brought people together to take the next bold step to ensure all children in Santa Clara County thrive and implement the Santa Clara County Children’s Agenda. Over 250 people attended including governmental agency directors and staff from probation, child welfare, public health, department of mental health, FIRST 5 and community based organizations. Representatives from foundations, schools and other concerned individuals were also be in attendance.

The Children’s Summit is Co-Chaired by The Honorable Leonard Edwards, former Presiding Judge Santa Clara County Juvenile Dependency Court and Dr. Fernando Mendoza, Chief, Division of General Pediatrics Stanford University School of Medicine. The half day was filled with information about the status report of children in Santa Clara County and rich conversations on solutions toward the next bold steps to improve children’s lives. The Children’s Summit featured keynote speaker, Lisbeth B. (Lee) Schorr. Lisbeth B. Schorr is a lecturer in Social Medicine at Harvard University and Director of the Project on Effective Interventions. She founded and directs the Pathways mapping Initiative (PMI), to build a stronger knowledge base about "what works."


Bold Steps for Children Award

The First Annual Bold Steps for Children Award was presented at the Children's Summit. This award recognizes a group of people who made a difference for children by thinking creatively, committing to changing outcomes and working together effectively even though their work may not usually intersect. This year, the Bold Steps for Children Award honored those agencies and individuals who made the Children's Health Initiative possible. As a result of this group's efforts more than 140,000 children have been enrolled in health insurance in Santa Clara County. Research has shown that the children participating in CHI have improved health outcomes, fewer sick days from school, more use of preventative care, and their parents have more confidence that they can get health care for their children. The Children’s Health Initiative is a shining example of what can happen when people put their stake in the ground to improve children’s lives.

Scholarships for attendance are available. Please email for more information.

Bold Steps for Children Award 2008- Children's Health Initiative - Watch the Video

Honoring those who made The Children’s Health Initative possible

The Santa Clara County Children’s Health Initiative demonstrates what a community can do when it comes together and is determined to take action to improve children’s lives.

The Children’s Health Initiative covers all children in Santa Clara County, recognizing that income and immigration status should not be a barrier to a child’s health and well-being. The Initiative has two parts: the first is a new insurance product, Healthy Kids, which covers children ineligible for the two major state insurance programs (Medi-Cal and Healthy Families). The second is a comprehensive outreach campaign that finds uninsured children and enrolls them in the public program for which they are eligible. This outreach and the simplification of bureaucratic processes have been significant in eliminating barriers that often prevent children from receiving health care.

Today, over 140,000 children have been enrolled in health insurance through the Children’s Health Initiative. Not only has the Children’s Health Initiative insured more children – it has actually improved children’s health. With enrollment in Healthy Kids more children see a doctor for a health need, more children have well-child visits and there was a significant drop in school days missed due to illness. Additionally, after four years on Healthy Kids:

  • Children received more preventive care.
  • Children’s use of sick child care declined.
  • Children’s un-met health care needs declined.
  • Parents’ confidence has improved and almost all parents believe the can get health care for their child if needed.

The following are materials available from the 2007 Children's Summit. Please click on the images/links to download:

Children’s Health Initiative Video
Photos with captions from the Children’s Summit
Lisbeth Schorr Keynote Address
Lisbeth Schorr Address Graphic Recording
World Café Graphic Recording


Graphic Recording of Lisbeth Schorr Keynote



Lisbeth Schorr Keynote (January 31, 2008)

Lisbeth Schorr Handout (January 31, 2008)

Children's Summit World Cafe (January 31, 2008)

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