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The Santa Clara County Children's Agenda:

Every child safe, healthy, successful in learning, successful in life!

Despite the fact that Santa Clara County is one of the most affluent communities in the world, a significant number of our children suffer from lack of basic health care, adequate food and shelter, and opportunities for succeeding in school.

To improve children’s lives in Santa Clara County, there is a need for a focused, integrated framework that engages all segments of our community and provides a common vision for our children. The Santa Clara County Children’s Agenda provides that framework and encourages us, as a community, to move from data to action and to be accountable for how our children are faring.

The goal of the Children’s Agenda is: Every child safe, healthy, successful in learning, successful in life. To understand if we are achieving this goal, the Children’s Agenda has identified thirteen outcomes of child well-being that we can focus on and monitor as we work to improve children’s lives.  By having a common vision and a common understanding of our indicators of success, we can insure we stay on course, even when children’s priorities are threatened by shifting economic cycles, social trends and political rhetoric.

The thirteen indicators of the Children’s Agenda are:

Every Child Safe:

  • Food Insecurity and Hunger
  • Children Living in Safe and Stable Families
  • Juvenile Arrests

Every Child Healthy:

  • Routine Access to Health Care
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Early Social Emotional Development
  • Developmental Assets

Every Child Successful in Learning:

  • School Readiness
  • Third Greade Reading Proficiency
  • Middle School Math Proficiency

Every Child Successful in Life:

  • High School Graduation Rates
  • Children Fluent in at Least Two Languages
  • Youth Feel Valued by the Community


To learn more about these indicators please view our Data Book:

2014 Data Book

2014 Santa Clara County Children's Agenda - Indicators for Child Health and Well-Being