Results Based Accountability Workshop

RBA Workbook (pdf)

RBA PowerPoint Presentation (pdf)

To better support the goals of the Children's Agenda, Kids in Common partnered with Applied Survey Research (ASR) for a workshop on Results Based Accountability (RBA) on April 1st. RBA is a method of making change, designed by Mark Friedman, author of "Trying Hard is Not Good Enough: How to Produce Measurable Improvements for Customers and Communities." The RBA workshop was offered to community leaders and service providers who wanted to learn how to produce measurable outcomes for children and families.  Those who attended came to learn how their programmatic outcomes relate to the community outcomes of the Children's Agenda.

Results Based Accountability can be applied at the community and the programmatic level.  The process begins with identifying the outcomes you want to acheive. "Children are ready for school" and "Children have a healthy lifestyle" are examples of outcomes.  Then, working backwards, you determine the best means to achieve your goals, identifying the story behind the baseline data.   At the community level, we can then look at who has a part to play in improving the outcome and who else is needed to be successful.  The next step is to discuss what actions can improve the outcome and what are some low cost and no-cost solutions?  The last steps of the RBA process includes answering the question "What are we going to do?" and  measuring our progress.