2019 Santa Clara County Children's Summit

Keynote Presentation

Breaking the School to Prison Pipeline in California and Santa Clara County: Progress and Challenges
Tia Martinez, Forward Change
Description: Tia Martinez has over 25 years of experience doing social change work in low-income communities and communities of color. She is currently an independent consultant working on dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline, transforming the lives of boys and men of color. In this keynote presentation, she provides statistics showing state and county-wide improvements in suspension rates, racial disparities, and other factors associated with the school to prison-detention-deportation pipeline. This presentation also details the remaining challenges and the efforts to align county systems.
Photo: Keynote Speaker Tia Martinez
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2019 Bold Steps for Children Award

The Award Goes to the Honorable Judge Patrick Tondreau!
At the 2019 Santa Clara County Children's Summit, the Honorable Judge Patrick Tondreau was honored with the Bold Steps for Children Award for his leadership in improving outcomes in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems. Watch the video to hear about how his relentless energy, dedication, and compassion are making a difference for youth and families in Santa Clara County.
Photo: Bold Steps for Children Award Winner, Judge Patrick Tondreau (far right) with Children’s Agenda Co-Chairs, Dr. Fernando Mendoza, Dr. Mary Ann Dewan, and Judge Len Edwards
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Workshop Materials

Building Quality Early Learning Systems and Kindergarten Readiness Through Data and Partnerships

Susan Brutschy, President, Applied Survey Research (ASR); Mary Ann Dewan, PhD, County Superintendent of Schools; Lisa Niclai, MA, VP of Evaluation, Applied Survey Research (ASR); and Jolene Smith, Chief Executive Officer, FIRST 5 Santa Clara
Description: This presentation is an exciting opportunity to preview kindergarten readiness data from the 2018-19 Santa Clara County Kindergarten Readiness Assessment. Presenters highlight the key findings from the study, including how many children in Santa Clara County have the social-emotional and academic skills needed to be ready for kindergarten and the family, child, and early experiences that are associated with higher levels of readiness. Implications for program, policy, and systems change efforts to "turn the curve" on kindergarten readiness in Santa Clara County are also discussed.
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A Culture Shift and Willing Hearts Support Effective Family Engagement
Nereyda Hurtado, PhD, Director of Programs, Grail Family Services; Catherine Boettcher, Executive Director, California Young World; and Adolfo Pando, Manager of Planning and Support, Head
Start, Santa Clara County Office of Education
Description: Learn about a county-wide family engagement framework that works with program leadership, administrative staff and teachers, to engage families as equal partners and decision-makers in their children’s education. Find out how a local childcare agency and Head Start adopted the Building Blocks of Parenting(TM) Family Engagement Framework and how they are utilizing its tools to create authentic partnerships with families in Santa Clara County.
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The Sacramento Political and Policy Landscape around Equitable Supports for Kids
Ted Lempert, President and CEO, Children Now
Description: Ted Lempert, President of Children Now and California Assemblymember, provides his perspective on how kids are faring in the state’s policy and budget landscape, highlighting data from Children Now’s California County Scorecard and California Children’s Report Card. He discusses recommendations from the recently released Pro-Kid Agenda to advance children’s health and education throughout the state (based on the work of over 80 state and regional coalitions). He also shares how we can ensure that policies for children are the top priority in Sacramento by working together through the Children’s Movement of California.
Presentation Slides
2019-20 Pro-Kid Policy Agenda for California
Govenor Proposes Pro-Kid Budget for 2019-20

A School Full of Willing Hearts Makes Everything Possible
Lori Turk-Bicakci, PhD, Senior Manager, Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health, and Ali Rivera, Program Assistant, Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health
Description: A positive school climate can considerably benefit youth’s emotional and physical health and academic progress. How supportive are schools in Santa Clara County? How common are caring adult relationships? This presentation shares these and other findings along with their implications for long-term
health and well being. It also demonstrates how to find these data to support your work.
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About Kidsdata: Your Population Health Data Resource
Factsheet: Children in Santa Clara County
Youth in Schools

With a Willing and Deliberate Heart, Transformative Steps Toward Integrating a Trauma-Informed and Healing Lens Throughout Santa Clara County
Arcel Blume, Director Santa Clara County Office of Cultural Competency, Division of Equity and Social Justice, and Patricia Marquez, Program Manager II, Santa Clara County Office of Cultural Competency, Division of Equity and Social Justice
System partners aim to transform the experiences of customers and colleagues by developing, implementing, and evaluating a trauma- and healing-focused framework. Key components include: partner MOU, standards of excellence metrics, professional development strategies, and linkages to community prevention.
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A Willing Heart: What's Data Got to Do With It?
Marcy Lauck, Director of Data Governance, Santa Clara County Office of Education
Description: Measuring our efforts to create caring school communities in which students grow academically, build healthy relationships and develop key social and emotional learning skills is our goal. Learn how the Santa Clara County Office of Education’s DataZone provides districts with access to
comprehensive data to support these efforts.
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With Willing Hearts and the Right Investment: Opportunity Youth Get Back on Track
Joe Herrity, MPA, Director, Opportunity Youth Partnership, Kids in Common, and Courtney Portal, Collaborative Initiatives Manager, Opportunity Youth Partnership
Learn how Kids in Common achieved game-changing results with the highest need reengagement students in Santa Clara County through the provision of tailored and personalized guidance and support. With funding from a federal Social Innovation Fund grant and Jobs for the Future, Kids in Common brought the evidence-based Back on Track model of reengagement through
post-secondary education to Santa Clara County. Kids in Common shares the results of this initiative and a newly developed toolkit that can be used by others supporting transition-age youth.
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Young Adult Panel Facilitator Carlos Pacheco Miranda with panelists Rebecca Esparza and Abraham Sanchez.  Young Adult Panel Members Laura Corona, Missy Hart and Luis Villalobos. Guest Speaker Hector Sanchez Flores

From Left to Right:
Photo 1: Young Adult Panel Facilitator Carlos Pacheco Miranda with panelists Rebecca Esparza and Abraham Sanchez
Photo 2: Young Adult Panel Members Laura Corona, Missy Hart, and Luis Villalobos
Photo 3: Guest Speaker Hector Sanchez Flores