2014 Children's Summit Workshops


Workshop Presentations and Materials:

The Political Landscape for Children in California
Presenter:  Ted Lempert, Children Now
Former State Assemblyman Ted Lempert, president of Children Now, provided his perspective on how kids are faring in California’s current policy and budget landscape, highlighting data from the California County Scorecard and the recently released 2014 California Children’s Report Card.
Social-Emotional Learning and the Common Core: A Perfect Fit
Presenter:  Nancy L. Markowitz, San Jose State University
Research conducted in the past twelve years reveals the critical need to give the social-emotional dimension of teaching and learning the same emphasis as pedagogy, curriculum and assessment in order to close the achievement gap in K-12 education. The session will provide a variety of activities to engage participants in examining what SEL looks like in the classroom and how it can be integrated into the curriculum.

Youth Development:   Understand it, Measure it, Enhance it!
Presenters:  Abigail Stevens, MA, Dr. Jennifer Van Stelle, Applied Survey Research
In this workshop, Abigail Stevens, and Dr. Jen van Stelle blended academic and local research to discuss definitions of youth development, as well as how to measure and influence youth outcomes. Youth Development Literature Review.

Improving Outcomes for Dually Engaged Youth in the Dependency and Juvenile Justice Systems
Presenter:  Sherri Terao, Santa Clara County Mental Health Department
This workshop explored the vision being developed and implemented in Santa Clara County to improve outcomes for dually engaged youth.

Santa Clara County School Linked Services: Highlights of Coordination and Implementation
Presenter:  Nancy Pena, Director, Santa Clara County Dept. of Mental Health
School Linked Services (SLS) is a model for the delivery of coordinated and effective health and social services on school campuses and in the community.

Creating Communities for All Ages: Common Goals, Inter-generational Solutions
Presenters:   Diana Miller, Marsha Adler and Anne Ehresman
Serving the needs of children and those of older adults has traditionally been considered vastly different enterprises.  This workshop challenged participants to explore the shared issues and values of different generations. They highlighted examples of effective inter-generational programs and suggested how we can create communities for all ages in Silicon Valley.

Decreasing Suspensions by Increasing School Engagement - Strategies for Change
Presenter:  Roxana Marachi, PhD. San Jose State University
This workshop provided participants with strategies for enhancing student engagement in schools with a focus on the decreasing of punitive discipline and shifting to more supportive and prevention-based approaches. Successes and challenges will be shared, participants were invited to contribute to collaborative efforts in Santa Clara County.

Common Core Educational Standards: A Brave New World for Us All
Presenter: Gina Dalma, Silicon Valley Community Foundation
The promise of common core is a world-class education for all students to help them acquire the skills they need to fulfill the jobs of tomorrow.  Schools cannot do this alone. It will take our entire “village.” Learn about your role in common core implementation and ways to help Silicon Valley students fulfill the vision of lifelong success.