2013 Children's Summit

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Keynote Speaker: Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, Center for Youth Wellness.  Dr. Nadine Burke Harris is a founder of the California Pacific Medical Center (cpmc) Bayview Child Health Center where she has a clinical practice and served as medical director. She has received international recognition for her innovative approach to addressing how adverse childhood experiences can become medical risk factors for adult illness, such as heart disease and cancer. A recent magazine profile of Dr. Burke Harris in The New Yorker said that the doctor’s research has opened the door to “reassess the relationship between poverty, child development and health.” Dr. Burke Harris has begun a new project to create the Center for Youth Wellness which integrates medicaland mental health care as well as providing holistic and social services to improve the health of urban children and youth. Her special areas of interest are in health disparities, child trauma, nutrition and asthma, and her passion is serving communities where poverty and race issues present challenges to conventional healthcare and education.

Presenter: Dr. Vince Matthews, Superintendent, San Jose Unified School District. Dr. Matthews became superintendent of the San Jose Unified School District in 2009. He was previously the state trustee for the Oakland Unified School District (ousd). Dr. Matthews served as chief of staff for ousd and as an area superintendent with the San Diego Unified School District. He received his doctorate in Educational Leadership, his master’s degree in Educational Administration and his bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from San Francisco State University. He graduated from the Broad Superintendent’s Academy in 2006.

9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. Workshops

Santa Clara County School Linked Services: Enhancing Community-School Partnerships
The goal of School Linked Services (SLS) is to offer a model for the delivery of coordinated and effective health and social services on school campuses and in the community. This presentation brings together leaders from the county mental health department, the district attorney’s office, the probation department, local school districts and others to discuss the SLS implementation plan  as well as highlight strategies to enhance community-school partnerships during challenging economic times.

Homeless Youth: Challenges and Solutions
Youth homelessness is a growing problem in our community and nationwide.  Lynn Morison and Juan Cooper from the Bill Wilson Center will focus on national strategies to end youth homelessness by 2020. They will also discuss a Bill Wilson Center program that implements the family reunification model  to support the family system, providing a safe environment for at- risk and homeless youth.

Achieving Large-Scale Change: A 21st Century Education for Every Student
San Jose Unified School District has recently completed the creation of a new strategic plan, Opportunity21, that builds on Equity Policy 2010,the Board of Trustees’ commitment to an equitable education for all students.  This plan lays out a series of strategies aimed at a single mission: Eliminate the opportunity gap and ensure the finest 21st century education for every student.  Jason Willis, assistant superintendent at SJUSD, will share the comprehensive set of strategies used to fully engage stakeholders in this planning process.   Join this session to learn about both the planning approach as well as initial steps to implementing this bold reform strategy.

Making your connection count:  Linking what you do to shared community results
In this workshop, Lisa Colvig-Amir and Deanna Zachary from Applied Survey Research will explain how to identify the community trends your agency may be influencing as well as the community partners who may also be working toward the same goals – and the workshop leaders will show you how to measure the success of a group effort.  Even if you know about trends in key community-health indicators, such as third-grade reading, you also need to know how to connect your agency’s mission with specific areas of need in the community. This workshop will help  give you the tools to better collaborate with other agencies to help you achieve together for the community  what you may not be able to achieve alone.

10:45 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. Workshops

A New Way to Prevent Child Obesity :The Community Approach
Carol Danaher, MPH, RD, will share the work of the Santa Clara County Public Health Department's Childhood Feeding Collaborative which promotes a positive healthy eating practice model and coordinates nutritional guidance across many systems that serve families with young children. These systems include pediatric healthcare, childcare and public health programs. Learn about this best practice and how it is becoming standard of care in Santa Clara County.

The Political Landscape for Children in California
It has been a tumultuous few years in California politics for children and youth.  Former State Assemblyman Ted Lempert, president of Children Now, will provide his perspective on how kids are faring in California’s current political landscape.  He will discuss actions from The California Children’s Agenda that are needed at the state level to advance children’s health and education -- including measures that can be enacted this year. He will also share how we can ensure that children are the top priority in Sacramento by working together through the Children’s Movement of California.

Mothers and Preschoolers from Grail Family Services sing the A-B-C song.
  • Mothers and Preschoolers from Grail Family Services sing the A-B-C song.
  • Dr. Vincent Matthews from San Jose Unified School district presents on key indicators of the Children's Agenda.
  • Keynote speaker, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris presents on Adverse Childhood Experiences at the Children's Summit.
  • Supervisor Dave Cortese presents at the Children's Summit
  • Ted Lempert, president of Children Now presents on the Children's Summit.
  • Dr. Fernando Mendoza, co-chair of the Children's Agenda presents the Bold Steps for Children Award to Yerba Buena High School.
  • Len Edwards, co-chair of the Children's Agenda presents the Bold Steps for Children Award to Yerba Buena High School.
  • Lisa Colvig-Amir from Applied Survey Research presents on making your connection count.
  • Panel on School Linked Services presents at the Children's Summit